August 13, 2015

Our Team

Ben Crabill

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Ben Crabill founded the firm and has been serving the Detroit metropolitan marketplace for more than 54 years.

Joe DiRado

Professional Career:

Joe has a proven track record of sales and leasing of industrial, commercial and office real estate; representing buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords/investors. If you are not having any luck locating a buyer for your property, a tenant for your building, a building for your business, give Joe a call today. Working along side Ben Crabill for nearly 10 years has lead to an emence knowledge of the Industrial and Commercial real estate business. Also, Joe’s real world business experience, along with his no nonsense, personal, client first approach to business can help guide you to achieve your goals. Referrals are certainly available upon request.

Latest Book Reading: Irrational Exuberance by Robert Schiller

Education:   BA Albion College  Physics & Mathematics


Tony Morelli

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Years of Experience: 30+

Professional Career:

Tony’s commercial real estate experience started with the Beale Group which gave him the tools and knowledge to start his own company.  He furthered his abilities with the Insite Commercial Group, which has given him the opportunity to join the Investment Division at Colliers International.  After receiving his commercial real estate foundation with the Beale Group, Tony started his own company in the mid 80’s called Diversified Group.  He specialized in sales, leasing, and management of commercial properties.  Prior to his real estate career, Tony was brought up in a first generation Italian family whose life was based around construction.  In turn, Tony learned many facets of above and below ground construction.


  • Experience managing six commercial centers
  • Spent six years with the 425 Airborne Rangers, connected to the Michigan National Guard
  • Member of the Detroit Area Commercial Board of Realtors
  • Sold several major shopping centers in the Detroit Metro area
  • Built, leased, managed and sold commercial buildings


Associate Degree in Business Administration

Industrial Real Estate; Commercial Real Estate; Warehouse;